Hi! My name is Nicolas, I'm

I am the Chief Technology Officer of inBay Technologies Inc. - a cybersecurity company specializing in multi-level multi-factor authentication without passwords. In that role I mainly wear the hats of problem-solver, out-of-the-box thinker, thought leader and custodian of our IP. Also, this is the point where legal wants me to point out that this website and blog are expressions of my personal thoughts and are not related to my position at inBay.

My background of 12 years of industrial research has equipped me with experience in computer security, quantitative data analysis, statistical modelling, software engineering, building ultra-scalable distributed systems in the cloud and software processes - from big multi-national corporations to small startup teams.

I love programming languages ... a lot! As a polyglot I've played with a LOT of languages over the years, but stuck to Java, Scala, Ruby, Go and Elixir as my go-to tools for problem solving.

In the past I've co-organized the International Workshop on Mining Unstructured Data (MUD) and have been an invited speaker on panels for Cyber-Security and Cloud. More recently I've been working on an open-source Natural-Language Processing framework called Essence that is being used by consulting companies for mining social media streams for product mentions and analyizing the sentiments towards the product. Apart from this my current interest is in the Crystal language and high-performance web frameworks written in Crystal, such as Amber and Lucky to which I contribute.

I also write this blog! Stick around, read some of my posts - watch my presentations, but most of all I hope you find something valuable.